JSON Essentials™ for COM/ActiveX - Universal JSON toolkit for Windows

Current version: 1.2.1
Released on: 2022.01.20

JSON Essentials™ for COM/ActiveX is a language independent JSON toolkit for rapid implementation of the most common JSON use cases on the Windows platform. Those include loading, saving, formatting, querying, validating and annotating JSON data, and communication with JSON REST services. It is built with focus on exceptional standard compliance, performance, stability and simplicity. Flexible licensing options allow free and commercial uses.

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The following projects and services enabled, simplified and accelerated development of PINERY ® projects:
JSON Schema | Boost C++ libraries | Vim | Microsoft Visual Studio | Visual Studio Code | Google Workspace | Amazon AWS | Ubuntu | Libre Office | Convertio | Postman | Transfonter | FAR Manager | CMake | SlikSVN | Perl Compatible Regular Expressions - PCRE | OpenSSL | | wk<html>topdf