JSON Essentials™ for COM/ActiveX Evaluation

Current version: 1.2.1
Released on: 2022.01.20

The evaluation version allows anyone trying all features of JSON Essentials™ for COM/ActiveX without any time or functional limitations. Its only purpose is to evaluate the product, no other users are permitted. Once you're happy with your experience you can always make your license choice depending on your needs, which implies free or business use. The evaluation version has order ID 0 which is important for deployment and affects COM class names, a retail version will have a unique order ID, so that only non-functional difference has to be taken into consideration.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the package
  2. (optional) If you want to verify package integrity then you will need OpenSSL or any other SHA-256 computation utility to be installed.
    If OpenSSL is chosen then run the following command line command:
    openssl.exe dgst -sha256 jesscom-eval-1.2.1_0.zip The expected output should be: SHA-256(jesscom-eval-1.2.1_0.zip) = de0543cffd273540a80afed887c68bafda59f0e8f94fb7145321b6912f75c9aa
  3. Unpack the package using the evaluation license token as the password:
  4. Run command line as Administrator and navigate into the unpacked package directory
  5. Run install.cmd and copy-paste the evaluation license token provided above when it asks for it
  6. Run test.cmd to get the final confirmation that everything is working.
    Note: Internet connection is required for tests to succeed because some tests make test JSON calls to http://postman-echo.com/get. All such tests send only dummy test data, no personal or usage data will be sent. Read more about Postman Echo.
  7. You are all set! Reference the installed components in your development environment and start using them.